What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is defined as the science of making computers in such a way that do the tasks which are done by humans. It is all about programming machines so that they can take the responsibilities of performing daily tasks. Artificial intelligence in recent years making significant progress. Intelligence is not a single ability or cognitive progress but rather it is an array of separate components.

Main focus of Artificial Intelligence:

The main focus of Artificial intelligence is on learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and language understanding. Learning is about trial and error. If an error occurred for the first time then the next time computers remember that error and able to make the right choice.  The reasoning is about making logic and conclusion is drawn on the base of the hypothesis. For this purpose programmers use Inductive and deductive logic. It is also one of the hardest problems in AI which enables the computer to distinguish the relevant from irrelevant. Problem-solving is to solve tasks which involve current state and goal state. The process continues until the current state is transformed into the goal state. In perception, the same object is represented in the form of different appearances.

At present artificial perception is sufficiently well advanced to enable a self-controlled car, waiter’s etc. AI focuses on writing programs so that machines can respond in English. Understanding is very important and it depends upon one’s behaviour and language.

Scope for Students:

I learned about the basics of Artificial Intelligence and the main focuses of Artificial intelligence. I also learned how artificial intelligence is helping humans by taking the bigger responsibilities. As a student of science, it is very important to be aware of Artificial intelligence and especially learning AI can create vast opportunities for a student. In Artificial intelligence, possibilities are truly endless. It is all about making machines which can interact with a human. This material is very helpful in understanding the basics of Artificial Intelligence. A few months ago I was asked to work on a project so I start making my own GPS tracking self-driving toy car. I could not finish it completely. But it was a wonderful experience for me and helped me in understanding artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence did not exist 10 years ago, AI is a field that keeps growing and changing and for science, it is very important to be aware of it. We should be aware of recent advancements in AI. We should also be a worry at the same time that Artificial Intelligence should be used for the benefits of humans not against humans. Replacing machines with humans is just destruction.

Areas of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is future because we can already see robots are replacing humans in many areas. Chatbots are a good example of it. Machine learning and deep learning both core areas of AI which are highly taught and used by companies like Google, Microsoft. By writing, codes machines can be accessible for humans and can really help them by making their daily tasks easier.

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